Anxiety Test

An anxiety test can help you recognize anxiety symptoms that can appear at any time of your life regardless of the situation you are facing. In fact, although anxiety is often related to negative episodes, it is also very common to arise in positive moments or just after a time full of stressors, such as […]

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand

Anxiety and depression are intimately related. It is often thought that problems and mental disorders are like fish ponds in where the affected person is isolated in a specific and hermetic category of psychology. However, the truth is that most of the time that pond does not exist. The disorders are combined, presenting all or […]

Therapy for anxiety: find out what it can help you in

How many times have you heard that having anxiety is something very common and of little importance, typical of weak people, that the really serious thing is having a disease, that psychology does not work or that it is enough to know how to control oneself a bit, take a deep breath and think about […]

What is an anxiety attack

Have you ever felt that you can not breathe? Do you have palpitations and sweats? Do you know what an anxiety attack is? Anxiety is one of the illnesses of our current society. Surely more than once you’ve heard from someone who has suffered extreme nervousness, as well as irrational blocking fear. The problem appears […]

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