Couples therapy

Relationship TEST: how healthy is your relationship?

Our therapists have designed this relationship test to help you identify where your relationship stands. Is there love? Is there respect? Do you know how to solve your relationship issues? Do you have goals in common? Could a couples therapy be useful for you? Start the relationship test now and share your results with that […]

Couple’s therapy: Does it really work?

All couples have disagreements and many want to solve them. However, on many occasions, the first reaction to the possibility of going to couple’s therapy is asking: “Are we that bad?” In this article, we will tell you when couples therapy works. What to bear in mind before starting couples therapy The passage of time, […]

Forgive infidelity, yes or no?

You thought that it would never happen to you but, suddenly, you find yourself searching the Internet: “How to know if your partner is cheating on you?” or “How to forgive unfaithfulness?”. Maybe one of those searches has brought you here and that’s a good sign: you recognize that you need help to face this […]

How to overcome a long-term relationship breakup?

How to overcome a long-term relationship breakup, regardless of whether the relationship has been declining for a long time or if it has been unexpected, is a very difficult challenge to face. When we talk about relationships, it is complicated to separate the rational from the emotional. You are not an exception, you have had […]

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