Depression Test: find out if you have symptoms of depression

Our therapists have designed this depression symptom test to help you if you’re wondering how to tell if I have depression. Start the Depression Symptom Test and find out how you feel Our depression symptom test is very easy to complete: select the answer that best suits your current situation, with one (1) being the […]

Depressed by the past? Nine tricks to overcome it

What happened at work can’t get out of your head and makes you feel incapable of taking on new challenges? Do you think you can’t overcome the pain of breaking up with the person you considered to be the love of your life? The loss of that relative has left you feeling empty and you […]

Endogenous Depression: Causes and Symptoms

Depression is one of the psychological problems affecting more people today, along with anxiety and stress. Approximately 5% of the population suffers from depression, an alarming figure. Psychology differentiates two types of depression: endogenous and exogenous. Let us explain the characteristics and causes of endogenous depression. What is endogenous depression? Sofia is a 30-year-old woman […]

Loneliness and depression. Tips to start feeling better

Loneliness and depression can be two of the emotions that produce more despondency in people. Certainly, when you start to feel like this you feel so disoriented that it can become a real odyssey to get out of the spiral of negativity in which you are plunged. For this reason, in this article, we want […]

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