Grieving TEST: Find out if you have overcome your loss

This grieving test helps you find out how you feel about the loss of a loved one. Grief is a painful and, unfortunately, inevitable moment. Take the grieving test and find out if you have overcome your loss. Answer these questions by selecting the option that best suits your situation. If you feel that you […]

Mourning help: the role of a therapist in your loss

Throughout our lives, we find ourselves faced with difficult situations that test our ability to overcome pain and adapt to the new reality. Confronting loss at some point is inevitable, and overcoming it healthily is one of the toughest challenges we can encounter, especially when we have lost a loved one. For this reason, having […]

Phases of grief. 5 tips for dealing with them

Any loss demands a time of mourning, whether it be for a family member or a love. You need to understand what has happened and assimilate it in order to get on with your life. That does not mean that you need to leave it behind or forget that loss, but that you learn to […]

What is mourning and what types of mourning exist

Cristina hasn’t understood very well what’s wrong with her for a long time. Since her father died about a year ago, she doesn’t feel the same. After her father’s illness and death, she tried to forget what had happened and never talk about it again. She returned to work two days after the funeral and […]

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