Online Therapist

Online Therapy: Pros and Cons

The “modern world” has brought us undeniable advantages, such as online psychological help. Thanks to the numerous roles of psychotherapists in everyday life as a solution for mental or emotional problems, more people take care of their emotional well-being. Psychological therapy allows us to face and overcome situations that alter the emotional balance, although sometimes […]

I’m not crazy, that’s why I go to therapy

Going to a therapist still has a certain social stigma, although something is changing. The link established between mental health and the so-called ‘madness’ means that many people still think that going to therapy is a sign of not being “very trustworthy”. Even those who regularly go to therapy feel a certain modesty in talking […]

Emotional health. How to take care of it?

In general, when we talk about health, we all tend to think about physical health. That everything in the body works on a regular basis, forgetting that our mind also has to feel at ease. In many occasions, we have to begin by understanding our emotional health to understand discomfort at a corporal level. That’s […]

10 topics to consider in online therapy

In online therapy, you can deal with many topics that help you to improve your emotional well-being. In this post, we explain how online psychology can help you regain the reins of your life. Many times, for logistical reasons or personal circumstances, face-to-face therapy is not the most suitable option for the patient and online […]

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