Sexuality TEST: Find out how much you enjoy sex

You’ve probably wondered if you fully live your sexuality, and although this answer is very personal and varies according to the moment of your life, there are ways to know if you enjoy sex as much as you would like. To do this, our team of sex therapists has developed a test that will help […]

Female Orgasm: How to Achieve It

For a long time, women’s sexuality has been little commented on, taking a back seat. However, there are many cases of difficulties in reaching the female orgasm in sexual relations. The exaltation in movies or books of a female figure who reaches orgasm in relationships without any effort can be painful and harmful to all […]

Sexual Anxiety: What It Is and How It Works

To understand what sexual anxiety is, you must first understand what anxiety is. Anxiety itself is a body defence mechanism that alerts you to a threat, risk, or danger. Now, even if anxiety is an innate response that helps you survive, it can turn into a disorder if there’s no real threat. Anxiety manifests itself […]

Sexual psychology and more common problems

Sexual psychology focuses on studying sexuality, which is part of people’s nature. Because something that in principle is natural and spontaneous can become a problem when the circumstances of the person impede the correct development of sex. When stress, lack of sleep or worries at work can lead to a deteriorated response in intimacy, the […]

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